Sukkahmart South Africa

Lulav & Etrog: Widest Selection in the Southern hemisphere !

R 687.00

Sukkahmart South Africa

Lulav & Etrog: Widest Selection in the Southern hemisphere !

R 687.00

With over 100 years of expertise, we at Sukkahmart are here to ensure:

you get the very best in Kashrut, quality and price when purchasing a set of Lulav and Etrog


We offer you peace of mind when choosing you set. The highest kashrut certifications make up our lulav and etrog range. Whether it’s the world renowned Badatz of Israel or the century old traditions from the Dumdar Valley in Morroco or even the uniquely stylish Calabrian Kfar Chabad Etrogim from Israel-Italy, the best Kashrut certifications is our top priority.


Every set of lulav and etrog goes through a vigorous selection process. Etrogim are handpicked, cleaned, graded and packed into a cushioned box for its protection.

Lulavim are checked, cleaned and packaged into a protective PVC case which is provided free of charge for your convenience.

The Hadasim come pre-packed and flown directly from Israel ensuring quality and freshness.

The Aravot come packaged and kept in cold storage ensuring the maximum life span.


At Sukkahmart we believe that Everyone, should be able to afford their very own set. This has always been our motto ever since our humble beginnings in 11982.

To this day we have kept our promise, ensuring everyone the opportunity to partake in this wonderful Mitzvah.

Aside from our baseline set, our years of experience and intimate knowledge of the market have enabled us to source the highest quality sets from around the world. These sets are truly one of a kind and they come backed with the name you can trust.

So if you are looking for the basics or you fancy your hand at the Crème-de-la-crème, Sukkahmart is where you can find it all

what is the difference between the levels,Kosher;superior;Mehudar;Extra Mehudar ?

the laws of 4 Minim are very complex.

experts study for many years,then train with world experts on the oral tradition that is handed down from teacher to pupil.

here is a guideline to some of the requirements to classify 4 minim as Kosher.

A competent experienced Rov,can determent these classifications.

  1. Origin of the orchards:a Non Murkav Not grafted, is a prerequisite,with a reliable Hechsher.
  2. Cleanliness,a choice Etrog is one that is clean;at the Top 1/3; top 1/2; Majority clean: or Completely clean.without any spots or blemishes.
  3. Shape: an Etrog that is symmetric from top to bottom; with grooves;looks as  perfect as possible;
  4. "Gartle" around the middle is liked by some.
  5. Color Not Green; not Golden yellow; not Brown; not Black.
  6. Lulav: must be perfect at the Top; not split nor broken; ideal color light green-yellow; not dry straight.
  7. Hadassim: Meshulashim :leaves growing in rows of 3 from each point;overlapping each row,to be completely covered
  8. Aravot: only 2-3 of 30 types of Willows are Kosher for 4 minim and Hoshaanot.
  9. Some signs are: Narrow Long Leaves;Smooth edges; Green inside,whiter on the outside;red stem.