About Us

Established in South Africa in 1982 as the " Lulav & Etrog centre", We literally Led a new way, on Inspiring many Jews to love the mitzvah of 4 Minim . From the times, when only "The few "Elite" , Had their own set of 4 Minim, while MOST Shulls ONLY had 3 maybe 4 sets, 1 for the Rabbi,1 for the  Chazan,1-2 to go around between the rest of the congregation. Today, in most Shuls, everyone has his own set of 4 minim.

HOW DID WE DO IT ?   we embarked on a campaign, in the schools, shulls, youth and other Jewish organisations. we gave away many sets free,or at a nominal fee to FIRST TIME BUYERS!   We "Coined" the concept of "Chinuch Sets". .whereby children under Bar/Bat Mizvah would get their own Kosher set of 4 minim for a nominal fee Pricing was a big factor. in 1982 sets in south Africa where R90-R100 a set, we sold sets for R39.98 ! to this day we are the leaders in offering the public: Real ,Best Value, At Affordable Prices.

See  bellow our First, Hand designed add, from 1982.our 1st year of trading as  Lulav & Etrog Centre.in South Africa.

in 1991,at a visit to the late Manchester Rosh yeshiva .Rabbi Segal Z.T.L. He urged us to do the same in England, he gave us a Bracha of success to continue furthering this concept around the world, our success is a tribute to his Blessed Vision and Memory. On that year,4 minim sets were sold in the u.k. for £60-90, not many people could afford them. We sold Kosher sets for £9.98! To this day we still keep the tradition of selling Kosher sets to everyone for £18! We did the same in Canada, in Australia, from there on, Many have followed our pattern  all over the world.

in 1992 we became 1 of the leading Sukkah Shops in the World To have EVERYTHING you need for a beautiful Sukka and Nicest 4 Minim.  "One Stop Shop" for ALL your Sukkah needs. we go great length to far places around the world to bring you ALL you need, from the Basics, to the Super Luxury, without compromised on Kashrut ,Quantity, and Price. 

We incorporated the Trade. Mark. "SukkahMart.com" .and extended our range of products to include Top quality Sukkahs in different Designs and sizes, like our very own patented, SAFARI SUKKAH.to the Most Solid sukkah of large sizes to accommodate your feast.  Our Schach Kosher Limehadrin,is a top solution to cover your Sukkah properly,and keep uding it from year to year .some of our schach made jn 1992 is still in use by manycustomers to tjis day.  Some products were made especially for us in factories, manufacturing decor for x.ms...by the billions...this is their Only justification for being there ..we carry a Unique range of Decorations and accessories to complement and beautify your Sukkah.  On the verse in the  Shirat Hayam "ZE KELI VEANVEHU" The Talmud teaches us : "when our ancestors sang the SHIRA at the sea,they took on themselves to do ALL the Mitzvahs in the most beautiful way."    Example: "make yourselves a "Sukkah Naa Etrog Nae".   The bdst you can.                   

WHO ARE WE?  Although we are only a Small group we maintain our focus and goal :to bring the Mitzvot of Sukkot to everyone,with best quality at affordable prices.   We are confident that Soon,בע"ה when Mashiach comes,במהרה ביימנו,we will be at the  front line,... ready to continue what we started 

Why we do it

We took it on as our life Mission:  Ensuring: that having your own "Lulav & Etrog", is now for everyone,not just for the elite. We know it’s important for you to observe the festival the way that it was intended.

OVER THE YEARS  many thousannds of Jews around the world, got their own sets of Lulav & Etrog from Sukkahmart international.


We bring you quality items at reasonable prices. We continue to anticipate and meet your needs, with innovative products like a sukkah roof, enabling you to be in your Sukkah even in the rain, and the safari sukkah, portable so that you can take it with you while on a holiday!

Last year we introduced 2 new sukkahs.

1 the new EURO sukka is a Breakthrough design,with Telescopic poles.opens from 1.6x1.6m to 3x3m and any size in between. With "Lavud " straps,making it Kosher limhadrin, according to the striktest opinions.

2. The Luxury "Panel Sukkah".made with aluminium frame,Plywood and pvc walls.sizes:from 2x3m. Can be extended to any size.(available in U.K. only) 


One stop shop

We carry Most thing you need for the festival of Sukkot. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop sukot shop. In addition to arba minim, we stock festival decorations, lighting, rain roofs, and our own brand of Schach, made especially for us to keep your cost low.

We know that in today’s modern time, with our fast paced lives, finding time to slow down and have a deliberate celebration of sukkot is something that is a priority for you. Special time with family & yom tov meals, are difficult to plan around work schedules and school activities. It’s our goal to provide you with what you need, at a cost that you can afford.

Nowadays with "Covid 19", still hanging over us,We have adjusted our operation accordingly. Enssuring Customers safty. Offering an efficient delivery system,so you can be rest assured: that whatever you order, especially Lulav & Etrog sets, will be delivered to you in time for the festival.